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Our Location


We continue to build our facility located at the Better Equine Ranch to be a great place to do a lot of fun things. Better Equine has monthly events throughout the summer months in the outdoor arena and surrounding areas.

There is shopping at the Better Equine® Store Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. You can purchase Horse and Livestock items like Feed, Tack, Fly sprays, dewormers CSI Saddle Pads and more! While you are at the store pick up the latest issue of Everything Horses and Livestock Magazine! 

With our Boarding program, we also offer boarding for your Retired horses. We feel that this is the perfect retirement home & boarding facility for your beloved horse.

Our entire team has years of experience feeding and maintaining horses from new borns to aged horses. Give us a call to look at our nice place or fill out our information form and one of our staff will give you a call back. 

Entering our location in your GPS will bring you right to us. 
29545 Pleasant Valley Road, Paola, Ks. 66071

"A Great Place to REST YOUR HOOVES ™"

Board your horse with us! Enjoy riding around the Ranch, through timber, obstacles, in the arena and around the hay field.

We are also a Retirement Home for Your Equine friend.
They will spend their days grazing with friends and hanging out in the Quality wood lined shelters, fed twice per day with premium Total Equine Feed, Hay, fresh water, and a salt lick. 

- Boarding & Retirement Home for your beloved horses-

Equine Rest Stop

  • Current Coggins, shots & deworming records are Required and Checked upon arrival before unloading. (you are welcome to email to; info@equinereststop.com)
  • Price per Month; Custom to your horses needs-Call for monthly quote
  • Release Form for your horse to stay at our facility
  • ​We accept Cash or Checks

Retirement Home & Regular Boarding Available;
Pens with Sheds - Perfect size grass lots with Lean-to shelters for up to 2 horses
Group pasture boarding - Include lean-to shelters, & timber.
Stall boarding - Planning to be available in 2020.

What do your ponies receive?;

All boarding areas are accessible to shelter, forage (hay &/or grass), fresh water 24-7 from heated automatic waterers & white block Salt.
Front & North Pen horses are fed am & pm with quality hay, & up to 4# Total Equine feed. More feed per feeding is available as needed for an additional fee. 
Pasture horses have access to pasture grass and supplemented with hay when needed along with 1# of Total Essentials feed 1x per day.

Available to Boarders;
There is open riding in the pasture/timber with natural and man made obstacles. After the hay field is cut, there is 30 acres of nice open riding there also. (A sign will be posted on the gate when its open.) 
Boarders also have access to our large 170 x 240 outdoor arena and stationary roping dummies at designated days/times. We have cattle available, team roping & calf roping dummies to rope in the arena on your horse at an additional charge.

WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON AROUND HERE at Better Equine Ranch for Everyone?
Riding - Haul In per Day - Load your trailer and come ride!
$15.00/person - bring as many horses as you can get in your trailer! 
Ride in the arena, pasture & timber. Obstacles in the timber (we can add more with help), barrels and poles, Charlie the calf roping dummy & a railroad tie set up to drag, orange cones for your use and more. 
Clean Port-a-Potty on site. Water available for horses​.

Call for date availability and Pricing call Jana Barcus at 913-333-2657

Store Open - Shop Local! - The Better Equine store is open every Monday through Friday from 10 am - 6 pm (& some Saturdays too). Cool off and do some shopping for any supplies you might need.While you're shopping,  check out our Ads in various newspapers and magazines to see what's on special!

Horse Massage & Assessments Available - ​We have several Horse & Human Massage Therapy companies available to meet you here to work on your horses! Ask us for their numbers and setup a time for them to meet you here at the Ranch! 
Call to set up an appointment at 913-731-2509 (10 am - 6 pm)

Monthly Events - Year around
Crossfire Ranch Fellowship is hosted here! - 1x per month (mostly on Tuesday evening starting at 6:30 pm) Fellowship is here! Open to all and super fun.  Attend fellowship - You and your guests can ride, track cattle and rope for FREE after fellowship! For dates and more information visit www.CrossfireRanchFellowship.com 

Fellowship nights are led by Cory Young of Golden Spur Ministries. 
Check them out at www.GoldenSpur.org

TEAM ROPING PRACTICE- Summer months Only
2017 Thursday Night 6:30-9:30 PM
(Call Bill at 913-238-3139 for arena conditions before you haul)
Like Lets Go Rope on facebook for updates

We offer Team Roping Practice 6:30-9:30 pm.
​Starting at 6:30-7:00 with the Heel O Matic Trainer (we pull this for anyone that wants to work their horse on the trainer for up to 1 hour-great to work your trail class event horses, kids, colts, finished horses, moms/dads, anyone!) We then Rope the live cattle following the hour of pulling the dummy. (We have arena Lights so don't worry about that!)

Yearly Events - Each year is different, so join the Better Equine email list and "like" us on facebook to stay informed on what fun events are happening!

Customer Appreciation Day w/Store Specials, brush the pony, see the chickens, turkeys and assorted animals, wagon rides, visit with our Vendor rep's, all day concessions by Smokey's BBQ, Dr. Harry Anderson with Total Feeds, Chad Mathes with Chad Mathes Roping, Cory Young with Golden Spur Ministries & More fun!

EVENTS LIKE; Team Roping jackpots, Barrel Racing jackpots, Clinic's by professionals in Reining, "Ride with a Pro Day", Chad Mathes Team Roping, Mounted Shooting, Wood Floor Rides Day-Learn about proper harnessing safety, working buggy, wagon, cart horses, ponies & More.  Timed Event Ranch Rodeo & More events to come!

Join the Email List for Better Equine Ranch Events and don't miss out!

We are only;
5 Miles from Rantoul, Kansas - Ride the Rails
10 Miles from I-35 & 68 Hwy
15 miles from Saddle Ridge Trail riding area at Hillsdale Lake, in Hillsdale, Ks.

Boarding at Better Equine® Ranch offers great shelters and lots, quality hay and feed, salt, fresh water and room to ride! Ride in the arena, timber and hayfield when cut. ​It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Everything we need for your horses Retirement Home or Boarding, here at our Equine Rest Stop.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you ask us, the grass is pretty green over here..... 

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