Wendy Wiseman and Jo Lene Thoele work together as a team on your horses.

​Wendy's passion goes deep. Her expertise is working with horses and their owners to make a winning team thru nutrition, deep tissue massage, proper conditioning and an array of other tools from her years of competition. She is not limited to barrel racing, it's just her personal passion...She is all about Prevention and Performance.
Find her work in our magazine under Equine Energy Balancing with JoLene Thoele.

EHAL Featured Writers for our Column's;

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​Reining It In
- Cal Middleton
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Matthew Jobe

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Mounted Shooting - Shannon Rowl/Others

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Buggies & Wagons - Various

Jana Harrington Barcus   

Growing up I always had a love for animals. In my childhood dreams, I felt I was put on this earth to be the "keeper" of the animals. I didn't really know what field I wanted to be in as I rode down the trail of schooling, but I knew it had to be something with horses, pets and livestock. My father worked in the same publishing company for 62 years and its fun to me that they are printing our magazine! Our family has a long background with horses and livestock. We have a life time of learning and are happy to bring this great magazine to you!

Chad Mathes is a professional Team Roper. He writes great informative articles for EHAL Magazine. You will find his main article under Chad Mathes Roping.    

​Chad's passion is helping people and their animals with Team Roping success. He has many tips and tools to help everyone be successful. Check his website out also!.

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Dr. Harry Anderson,   

Dr. R. Harry Anderson's 42 years of experience formulating animal rations, and his endless search for the best ingredients have gone into every formula we make. From our first product Total Equine® first produced in 2000, to our more recent specialty formulas, the focus has always been on optimum health and performance through excellent nutrition.

Jo Lene Thoele writes many great articles for EHAL Magazine. You will find her main article under Equine Energy Balancing - Mind Body & Spirit   

​Jolene's passion is helping people and their animals with energy balancing. She is a expert on essentials oils and their use also. Her continued education in these fields makes her a valued asset to all.

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Below is also a list of our "FEATURED" writers!

Janice Pack writes many great articles for EHAL Magazine. You will find her main articles under Horse Bits & Old Rusty Spurs.   

​From Janice Pack - I rode our draft horses all over the farm before I got my first riding horses at the age of 10. As a youngster, I rode in small open shows and belonged to the Atchison, Kansas Saddle Club with my dad. We rode in many parades.

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